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Affordable Memory Foam and Gel Mattresses for a Good Night’s Rest

You spend a third of your life sleeping so the right mattress, replaced at least every decade for maximum efficiency, is crucial. You know how you feel like garbage after a sleepless night? Imagine the chronic, long-term effects: not pretty for your looks or your health. Stay on top of your game the next day and live longer with one of Quality Rugs & Home Furnishings’ new, state-of-the-art memory-foamor gel pocket-coil mattresses in twin, full, queen, or king sizes when your bed is due for its regular upgrade, and at a price that will have you resting even easier.

Is a Memory Foam or Gel Mattress Right for You?

Since its debut to the public in 1992, memory foam has come a long way from its origin in the space program. About a third of all mattresses sold in America are made of this wonder material renowned for its unprecedented support for your sleeping body, giving you the high-quality REM sleep your body needs to fully recharge, which is also the kind of sleep when you dream! Our state-of-the-art memory foam mattresses now offer just the right amount of “give” so your muscles hand over all of your body’s support to this miracle polymer. Forget early foam’s uncomfortable heat retention. Today’s mattresses have been scientifically engineered to maximize airflow so “hot sleepers” can enjoy memory foam’s benefits too.

If like many of us you share your bed, one of our gel mattress options with patented pocketed coils is a wise choice as different style sleepers can best comfortably share one, with motion from one partner not adversely affecting the other.

Still another option if you do not wish to invest in a new mattress yet is one of our foam mattress toppers, affording you some of memory foam’s benefits on a budget.

Yes, You CAN Afford a New Mattress

Get started on enjoying your best night’s sleep in years. Stop by our Federal Way, WA showroom, try lying on our mattress selections for yourself, and you’ll agree: our quality and prices can’t be beat.

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